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Ritch Insurance Services is a Sonoma County based insurance brokerage serving California since 1984.

With years of experience and access to a large database of insurance providers, Ritch Insurance is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses in finding optimal insurance coverage.

We have helped thousands of individuals gain peace of mind, ensuring their loved ones aren't burdened because of an unplanned illness, disability, or death.

We invite you to explore our website, learn more about our insurance coverages and how you can benefit from working with Ritch Insurance Services.

Have you ever asked yourself..why do I need insurance?
The simplified answer is:

Health Insurance - will pay your medical bills.
Disability Insurance - will replace income that's lost due to an ailment or injury.
Long-Term Care - will pay bills not covered by your health insurance.
Life Insurance - provides your loved ones with money to pay estate taxes, or to cover cost-of-living expenses.

Individual and Family

Ritch Insurance Services is pleased to provide a full range of coverages for individuals.

Business and Group

Ritch Insurance Services is pleased to provide full range of coverages for businesses.


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